1. What do I need to bring? Some will apply, others wont

Printed Marketing materials to hand out

Products if you are a trader – Sale, Discontinued items at low price and some current range

Tools and materials needed for demo / master classes / backstage / services 

A table and cloth (some may be available to hire – please ask)

PAT Tested electrical equipment

Copies of Public Liability Insurance (COMPULSORY) 

Any certificates or Awards you might like to proudly display

Large Banner/ Kite Banner/ Flag (hard standing base if needed) Upto 2 of these

Stand decoration – make your stand stand out

Water Bottle. Refreshments will be provided but its always good to have a water bottle - its Summer.

There is usually Wi-Fi available so mobile payment units such as Sum Up or Apple Pay or Zettle may be used - will check this.

Offers, Discounts, freebies and Vouchers are always well received.


2. How much for a stand and how big?

Please ask for an exhibitor pack, we have a variety of trading stand sizes of various price brackets- limited stands and something to suit all budgets from just £55 - upto our maximum stand of only £210 all with parking costs refunded, free lunch and water throughout the day plus with Packages 2 and 3; 2x free tickets to the evening event also!

Other large events such as these cost Exhibitors and traders in excess of £300 so the packages offered are a real bargain for this unique event with clear target market.


3. What can I trade?

Alternative clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, Nail varnishes, printed merchandise, homewares, gifts, Hair tools and products, Beauty and cosmetic services, provide afternoon Masterclasses to book on, and taking bookings for services, makeovers, experiences, advice and styling.


Please Note; Tattoos, electrolysis, and Piercings MUST NOT be undertaken on the premises due to legal restrictions for the premises, however bookings and deposits etc. can be taken for appointments. Any premises/ artist Licenses will need to be seen before bookings for future tattoos/ piercings can be taken, please provide copies with application. Mobile therapists should have all licensing and qualifications in place and be legally allowed to provide services on alternate premises.

Alcohol is not to be sold as it will be on a licensed premises. 


Public Liability Insurance – NO exhibitor/ trader/ therapist/ retailer/ demonstrator / Service provider/ artist may have access to the attendees within the event without a copy of your valid public liability insurance / business insurance/ employer insurance (any and all where applicable ) available to be seen by the event team on the day, prior to set up.



4. What footfall is expected?

This is a new event. Trade stands, exhibitor stands and public entry tickets including VIP tickets are low cost to reflect this. Unfortunately, being a new event, we have no data of our own to support any predicted footfall, however similar target audience events are highly attended. Advertising of the event among the ‘Alternative’ communities will be as heavily trafficked as possible, and we ask that all exhibitors and traders play a part in this. Advertising will take place across social media amongst specific groups, pages and audiences, this includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in free ticket giveaways across local radio stations, social media campaigns and local newspapers. The sales and brand exposure at this event, before and preceding it, will no doubt ensure that the small outlay of the stand will gain a big return on the small investment. The event is being held in a venue that is frequented by like minded people and with the venue agreeing to market the event also this should be well attended.


5. I can’t attend – Can I put in some vouchers/ offers/ flyers to the goody bags?

Flyer placement should be for those in attendance – however the event organizers recognise that this may not be the case for those who have disabilities/ disorders/ housebound and work from home / online as a result. These may be allowed at the organizers discretion and will incur a cost of £50 for 250 of which some will be in the goody bags, and some will be on the front desk next to the event maps. These should also include an offer or discount – for example free delivery/ 10 % or more off/ free gift and MUST say that the offer is ONLINE only..


6. How much for exhibitors to put a discount voucher or offer notification flyer for VIP attendees?


Stand alone VIP vouchers for the VIP bags are £10 for 100 flyers (any remaining will be given to you on the day for you to choose to use as and when you choose) - This is purely to cover the administration costs. Any freebies that accompany them or promotinal items such as pens etc - will be welcomed free of charge for the VIP bags, with or without a flyer.


7. Set Up Times/ Close down times


Set Up - Exhibitors can hopefully access the event from 7am and must arrive before 8.30am. Smaller pieces must be put together ready to exhibit where possible, Time is of the essence and all exhibitor stands must be up and ready to trade by 10am. Doors open for VIP ticket holders at 10.30am.

Close down – The Alternative Market closes at 5pm with final show at 4pm , at 5.30pm trading MUST have ceased.

Please start to close down and begin packing away at 5pm, however structural stands and heavy items must not be moved or taken down until given the all clear from the Events team that all members of the public are safely out of the area. Close down timings may vary depending on confirmation of venue.  If you have an exhibitors evening ticket as part of your package (package 2 and 3 only) you may leave your stand and belongings in the Market area that is closed off to the public at 5pm, doing so is at your own risk and we recommend that goods are removed to a secure location or stored in a locable secure unit with your stand. We hope to secure an additional room or space with security however this is not yet guaranteed. (FINAL DETAILS TO BE CONFIRMED CLOSER TO THE TME)


8. How many other exhibitors will be similar to my own?


As a rule of any of our events the supplier/ trader/ exhibitor stands are limited to a certain allocation In the case of this event for 300 plus potential attendees we have a limit of approx 2 (some less some more (for example clothing is limited to 5 retailers with the larger stands max) Some will offer services/ products on the day while others may be for marketing purposes only. However, most of our retailers and suppliers for this event are likely to offer many different items and we recommend to all our exhibitors to bring stock or offer services that are more unusual, rare to find, or original/ trademarked amongst more readily available items/ services. There are likely to be more customers attending than one type could cater for and we hope to get a good balance of exhibitors and traders to reflect this.


9. Do you have a Health and Safety policy and how will we know what to do in an event of an emergency?


On confirmation paid in full / deposit paid and remaining balance cleared, you will receive an exhibitor pack with a copy of all materials that will be distributed to the ticket holders, a copy of emergency procedures, contact details for the events team, a map which shows all fire exits, toilets etc.The Health and Safety polocies and procedures will be detailed in there, alongside information and contact details for the on site emergency team.


10. In the event of any unlikely cancellation or postponement of the event what would happen?


Should the event be postponed or cancelled due to an incident out of our control such as natural hazard or disaster, exhibitors will be offered an alternative date/ venue to attend instead. If that date is not suitable, the stand could be transferred to another or the cost of exhibiting only will be refunded via Event Cancellation policy on our Insurance (not applicable to any printed materials/ goody bag materials or any other associated costs that you may have incurred)


If the venue causes any cancellation the full cost of any proveable associated costs of attending will be sought from the Venue’s insurance policy on the exhibitors and organizer team’s behalf.


11. Refund Policy


Once a stand is booked it can not be refunded. Stands could be transferred to another exhibitor on the approval of the events organizers only in writing. If the stand can be booked again through the event organizers then the refund would be granted to the original exhibitor minus admin fees that may result not exceeding the maximum deduction of £25.