Why Exhibit at The Alternative Beauty Show?

Cost of Exhibitions in general - 

What is the outlay? Are there any catches?

Please, do some research into Trade shows - Some shows and events are ranging up to £5000 for a trade show. A standard space with no additional benefits, at a low to mid range show, can average at £300 plus.

Our exhibition is unique! It is for unique people, for unique artists and traders and is rivalled by none! But we keep the costs as low as we possibly can!

What the public tickets offer- , we feel that we can justify the cost of the tickets on sale, which are at a reduced rate to ensure success of this pilot event.


We want our traders to book in, we want our clients to spend time with you and to place those orders. We want a successful fun and productive day – not a fortune to be made off the backs of others.

And that is why, as with our other events, we hold our exhibitor / trader prices low -. Opportunities to be involved from as little as £50 to the maximum that is BELOW £250 .... ALL IN!

Alternative and unique traders are mostly small and independent businesses who could not otherwise access trade shows, exhibitions and events like these and be able to make a profit.


target market with a great location - 

An Event that specifically targets and caters for those who identify as part of an alternative sub culture. For example Goth, Emo, Punk, Steampunk, Skater, Grunge and all variations in between and crossed over.

Having a daytime- everything in one place - market available right next to the busy 15 platform train station in Bristol, inside an amazing spooky and grungy style venue that is known to be frequented by many alternative folk across the country due to the variety of events that are hosted there.

Many alternative shops in Bristol who we would like to build relationships with to ensure that the event is well advertised in the local area to the right people.

The evening entertainment of the Awards ceremony and the after party with some awesome bands will guarantee decent footfall nearer to the end of the day also– and not just in the beginning, and our ticket systems that allow free access all day to the market, plus additional tickets will be available to buy throughout the day also.

PLUS! The Venue has the same clientele frequenting as those we are hoping to attract! Sp additional marketing, face to face and direct to the crowd we want.

trading experience on the day - 


Traders will be able to meet other traders in the same and similar genres, swapping contact details with those that complement and be able to broaden the contacts in order to create a larger offering to clients, creating trade to trade business.

Traders who usually take online or catalogue orders rather than premises based, get to work with their customers face to face. Meeting new clients who will get to know you, see your products, feel your products and check sizing so they can feel more confident ordering online, without the faff of sending it back if there’s an issue.

Designers and Bespoke creators can showcase their pieces and take orders on the day from customers who can explain in person their ideas and their hopes

Your Trader Team will consist of no more than 3 people in the venue, The 3rd person will need to purchase their own evening ticket if staying. All under 18s must not enter the evening event. Exhibitor complimentary tickets are named and are non refundable or transferable.


Specialists in Body and cosmetic arts such as MUA's and Hair colourists can showcase their work and talents - sell services on the day - great for those attending the evening entertainment also! Create masterclasses, demos and build a larger network with other similar artists and clients.


Demonstrating your level of skill and creativity – taking bookings, displaying your art, offering flash boards, and connecting with other artists and potential future clients.

Themed shoot contacts, building of a reputation amongst traders and clients where your specific target market lies.

Demonstrate your Makeup, Hair or Nail work on our models for the fashion shows – Get shout outs, after event photos will have your credit too, pictures may be used for future promotional material for the next show. (if you have pierced or tattooed any of our models to let me know! Credit given where credit due! )

MUA’s and Hair stylist – Offer on the day services to the clients– maybe at a discounted rate, or mini services like a free colour match with any on the day makeover or hair styling.  - Make use of the fact that we have a themed photo booth and an evening do with a photographer to tempt clients with.

Bands, Models, Performers .......


Auditions for the above will be taking place at a venue in Oxfordshire to be confirmed


For all audition enquiries please email enquiries@thealternativebeautyshow.com

Models will need to be prepared as you would for a modelling contract, bring 2 outfits for a speed change test and a portfolio/or be willing to do 2 test shoots on the day. Models must be 18 plus – no other restrictions – whatever size/ shape/ height/ etc – come join us – everyone is welcome!


Speakers, Bands, Authors – Please bring prepared material of no more than 5 minutes with evidence of background.


Performers must have certain documents, provable experience and be able to voice what set up they have or what is required before hiring. A video audition is required on the day with you (not a live performance due to health and safety)– please prepare a short piece WITH MUSIC and bring to the interview, portfolio/ testimonials etc also appreciated.